Who Ya' Gonna Call?

Gear needs Love Too!!!

You will hear us stress this over, and over, again. Scuba diving is a gear intensive sport and it is critical to comprehend that gear is Life Support Equipment. To not understand that is one of the greatest contributors to death in our sport. Dragging equipment through the sand, leaving it out in the sun to dry, and poor practices around cleaning and storage all can lead to faults, something we really don't want happening in 100 feet of ocean.  We know this. We know you know this.


If you can't care for your gear properly, and some people just can't, let us know so we can help!!

Compressed Gas

Because we all have a regular job, fills are based on your calling to schedule and a best effort after that. That said, we offer Air, Nitrox and TriMix blending on the spot and pure O2  for those that know what to do with it.


All pricing is per ft3 and is as follows:



    Banked 32%:

    O2% :




$ .09/ft3

$ .14/ft3

$ .45/ft3

$ 2.15/ft3

 T&M per Blend

Rental Rates

All our rental gear is first run, not factory left overs. Wetsuits by Pinnacle, Regulators by Zeagle, Backplates and Wings by Hog, and more gear by Hollis, DiveRite and others. You will not be diving garages sales left overs with us!


Prices are per day


BCD $15

Regulator $20

Wetsuit $15

Tank $15

Dive Computer $20

Full Package (bcd, reg, tank, wetsuit, computer)  $50


*Weekend rate is $80 and includes 2 tanks


Gas Quality

Maintenance and Repair

Annual service includes replacing annual parts packages and setting your system to Manufacturer Specifications.


  • Regulators- $50 per stage, plus parts
  • Shoulder Octo- $55, plus parts
  • Regulator Tune Up - $25, (no disassembly, no parts)
  • BC Annual- $45, plus parts
  • Tank Annual Inspection- $30 (Due to SLC issues, I will not service Aluminum tanks pre 1990, regardless of manufacturer)
  • Valve Rebuild- $30


‚ÄčAll Additional services billed at a standard

rate of $80/Hour


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