Regardless of what many agencies would like you to believe, there are very few differences between them. Some are offered in classroom, some require a computer. Others have tough swim or testing requirements. You get the idea. They are all pretty much similar.


That makes the only real differentiator the Instructor. With Sub-Aquatix, you will find Instructors that follow these commitments


  1.     A commitment to impart understanding as part of the instruction.
  2.     A commitment to the sport of Scuba diving.
  3.     A commitment to not certify until the job is done


​We have elected to take seriously a longtime tenancy that some have forgotten. When we certify a student to dive, we know they have the knowledge, and skill set, to pass a test and dive.  More importantly, we would entrust them to dive, and be an effective buddy, with our loved ones.


That is not a light commitment. Your instructor has given serious consideration to the question, "Would I allow this person to dive with my child, spouse or other loved one"?


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